4 Effective Tips To Improve Site Performance

site performance

There are few important questions that every is required to face, be it a start-up or an existing business. Some of the questions are, “Duration in the business, if there is adequate client coverage, if the customer base is increasing steadily, and what exactly differentiates the business from its competitors”.

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What WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” Means For A Developer?


WordPress is developing at a rapid rate and with each new update, we can see positive changes like never before. As expected, WordPress released its 4.7 version named “Vaughan” in honor of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. Now every coin has two sides and with positive changes, of course, these updated versions bring additional work for the WordPress developer as well as the end user. Therefore beforehand knowledge of what surprises has the new update of version 4.7 prepared is simply imperative. » Read more

PHP For Beginners: New Tenancy On Life!

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer India 1024x442 PHP For Beginners: New Tenancy On Life!Since old days, tech startups have been suffering from the hassle surrounding a section of technology that seems to yield inspiration from the egg-and-chicken problem. Is it always the flourishing startups dignifying the programming languages they are using or, the other way around, the nature of specific technology that has been helping in implementation process? » Read more

Reasons To Choose PHP Over Other Programming Languages

Reasons To Choose PHP Over Other Programming Languages Reasons To Choose PHP Over Other Programming LanguagesIn earlier days, building a website was a tough nut to crack but choosing a programming language was not an issue to debate on as there were just a few. But now, in this ever-changing era, programming languages have become quite easy but daunting to choose. There are numerous programming languages that have been in the picture for web developers and designers to create masterpieces. » Read more

Top Salesforce Mistakes To Stop Making In 2017

Resource Tile   Salesforce Common Mistakes 1024x398 Top Salesforce Mistakes To Stop Making In 2017So, it’s a new year! It’s 2017 already! What time can be the best time to re-examine how good Salesforce is supporting and handling your company’s profitability and progress. Not every is perfect in integrating it to his/her organization, not everyone is able to accommodate requirements and processes of his/her organization’s business.

Below are some of the top mistakes in Salesforce which can often lead to noteworthy problems with your returns of investments. » Read more

Checklist Of Measures To Protect Your Joomla Website

Protect Your Joomla Website Checklist Of Measures To Protect Your Joomla WebsiteEarlier days, managing your web content was a heck of a task, you would have to spend more time and energy to set the content. Nowadays, there are tons of options to showcase your content to please your new visitors and old customers. From a whole list, Joomla is one of the most preferred choices for an effective and worthy CMS or content management system.

However, whenever a website is designed using Joomla, it is susceptible to security issues, therefore, finding out ways to solve them becomes necessary. Here are some core measures which needs to be taken to secure your Joomla website: » Read more

Psychology Of Web Design: How Various Things Affect Visitor’s Mood

Psychology Of Web Design Psychology Of Web Design: How Various Things Affect Visitor’s MoodA good web design, in today’s world, is not only delivering content and making it presentable. Visitors look at your website and by just looking it, they produce a cascade of feelings regarding your organization and website. Now, the feelings they produce can be both positive as well as negative. But the quality of feelings is always in your good hands and while creating and designing content, this should not be overlooked. » Read more

What Features You Should Look in Your Website?

What Features You Should Look in Your Website What Features You Should Look in Your Website?Websites are key to our business’ superior performance on the internet. Good websites help business reap more rewards while bad ones mar the prospects to a great level. That’s why, we should always try to be careful with the quality of our websites.

But one question is bound to crop up, what makes websites good? What sets quality sites apart from substandard ones? Well, it’s the features that make the real difference between quality and bad websites. » Read more

Social Media Services Techniques


Social media marketing services are always focusing on putting your company in a better position. It is always a two-way communication between you and your customers. Professional social media services are designed to show you what people are talking about you. There are few areas where you can get involved and interacted with the visitors that help to increase in value of brand.

Social media audit, competitive analysis, and site analysis, custom-built interactive strategies will help you to know how to take advantage of the social web and how to successfully drive customers to your site.

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