What WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” Means For A Developer?


WordPress is developing at a rapid rate and with each new update, we can see positive changes like never before. As expected, WordPress released its 4.7 version named “Vaughan” in honor of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. Now every coin has two sides and with positive changes, of course, these updated versions bring additional work for the WordPress developer as well as the end user. Therefore beforehand knowledge of what surprises has the new update of version 4.7 prepared is simply imperative.

Coming back to the release of Vaughan 4.7, this seems to be the biggest WordPress release in ages. We have tried keeping ourselves educated on major changes offered by the version and there are a lot of them. In the post, I would love to share regarding the new features and advantages offered by the latest WordPress development company.

  • Twenty seventeen theme

A brand new theme has been released called Twenty seventeen theme developed by David A. Kennedy. He calls it “An ambitious theme” featuring a creative homepage and simple set-up process for the user. In version 4.7, the theme is set as default theme and has the potential to fill the website with lots of animation, featured images, multiple sections, widgets, navigation menus with social sharing buttons and logotype. Almost all the WordPress developers are quite happy with the theme as it includes 4 custom panels on the home page that can display content from existing pages. The theme also includes a custom logo uploading and uses SVG-icons. Custom CSS with live previews. And easy to make personal customization on and provides multilingual layout.

  • Starter content

WordPress development Vaughan 4.7 has fulfilled dreams of many developers and theme creators as they have added a possibility to use starter content in many themes. How is starter content beneficial, you may ask? First of all, here one can create a default starter page. For example, if you are using the twenty seventeen theme which comprises of 5 starter pages, you can create your own set of pages. This is probably one of the most useful aspects of using starter content. Besides this, one can install any customization option as a new default value and also add a menu in custom parts of your template.

wordpress developer etatvasoft What Wordpress 4.7 Vaughan Means For A Developer?

  • User language settings

It’s always convenient for a WordPress developer to work on a website with one language but in case you have partners who are working on the same site, they may feel uncomfortable with your language. The ability of language settings for each user allows to lead the site in one language and work on it with another language. For instance, if you are working on a French news site updated by the participants all across the world; Vaughan 4.7 allows the professional to choose their language to ease the work with the administrative panel and things will appear in default site language.

  • Custom templates for posts

A splendid function which used to be only in pages now available for posts. It is basically ready-to-go template which can work for any type of post. This new opportunity will interest theme and plugin authors as well as the end users of new WordPress development Version. The page template allowed developers to specify different layouts and page designs. In addition to this, the user can now set a template name, and the types of post for which of the template, all you need to do it is from a drop-down list located in the meta-field with the page attributes.

  • CSS customization

In WordPress 4.7, a new section in the theme customizer has been discovered for additional CSS which allows a WordPress developer to make changes and watch the result in a live view page.

  • Protection

Every user aspires to work on a site where his/her published posts can remain protected. In Vaughan 4.7, you may have noticed an increase in the number of characters in passwords for the posts. The previous versions allowed password limited with only 20 characters and now it’s available over 255 characters. Although with this move, numerous WordPress developers have come in a dilemma that what is more important: the complexity of a password or a length.

So this is it for now! And of course, these are not all new features of 4.7 Vaughan but the highlighted ones. Besides this, wordpress developer works have been done on improving UX and other visual changes.

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