Checklist Of Measures To Protect Your Joomla Website

Protect Your Joomla Website Checklist Of Measures To Protect Your Joomla WebsiteEarlier days, managing your web content was a heck of a task, you would have to spend more time and energy to set the content. Nowadays, there are tons of options to showcase your content to please your new visitors and old customers. From a whole list, Joomla is one of the most preferred choices for an effective and worthy CMS or content management system.

However, whenever a website is designed using Joomla, it is susceptible to security issues, therefore, finding out ways to solve them becomes necessary. Here are some core measures which needs to be taken to secure your Joomla website:

  • Constant Updating of your Website

The first and foremost step is to keep your website updated to the latest version of Joomla. The updated versions often come with advanced security options to meet the needs. Thus, by keeping your site updated, you can overcome various security problems and safeguard it from hackers. Well, the latest version of Joomla is 3.6.4 so make sure to upgrade it.

  • Using Strong Password

Adding a strong password to your Joomla site is also an ideal way to protect it from hackers and other security issues. Do not go for words that are familiar and simple to assume instead go for difficult phrases which may have some link to your personal life. Many website owners often go for simple passwords that lead to a question of worry for them. For a strong password, try to include alphabets, numbers and special characters. The combination of these three can secure your site even more.

  • Authentication (Two-Factor)

It also comes on top of the list of security measures to protect a website as two-factor authentication can augment the security, thus providing a noteworthy difference. Using this, you will be free from learning passwords as it will generate a new one on regular basis – unlike from your usernames. This way, no one can ever find out your site’s password and username.

  • Enable the Cookies

By enabling your website’s cookies, you can easily fight with security problems of your website. Cookies save the information regarding various things like who visited your website, what time did a particular person visited, etc. This helps you in keeping a track of everyone which creates a barrier for unauthorized people and your website.

So, above listed measures will surely protect your Joomla website from getting hacked or stealing of important information. For further questions, you can always take help from Joomla development services India as they are experts in keeping your website completely protected.

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