Key Elements of Web Designing

Key Elements of Web Designing 1 300x300 Key Elements of Web DesigningA website is one of the most crucial tool for a business owner to attract more customers. Therefore it becomes imperative for you to ensure that your website design is up-to-date. A well-built website  with a good design and an user-friendly interface will generate more customer traffic. But how does something as superficial as the appearance of your website benefits your business? And what differentiates a good website from a great one? The following are some of the key elements of web designing that can turn your business into a success. » Read more

Why Your Website Needs To Clear Doubts Of Users?


Websites are today perhaps the most prominent tool to access information of wide variety. They enrich, inform and enlighten users, all in equal measures. They exist because users want to know a lot of things, remove lots of doubts and keep pace with the times. In a sense, websites are there to keep people informant and knowledgeable – two of most vital aspects users benefit to take reasoned decisions. Quite clearly, without adequate information, nobody would be able to make good purchasing decision and the entire purpose of the web would lost.
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Advantages Of Having A Mobile-ready Version Website


A decade or so ago, there was only one way to access the web – desktops. In the last six or seven years, the tool and mode of accessing the web have multiplied a great deal bringing with it lots of ease to users. So, it’s now possible to access the web in different ways –

Using desktops (such as PCs, laptops)

Using hand-held devices (such as mobile, smartphones, tablets)
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Realize Your E-commerce Goals With Magento Platform


Taking the business on the internet may look simple on the surface but it’s surely not. It involves a lot of work and effort on the part of the business as the level of competition is brutal online. The biggest decision to make remains the selection of a right platform to create e-shop and then hire a capable team for the development.

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Web Development Technology You Should Know As A Developer To Stay In The Game

Web Development

The field of web develop is versatile and ever changing and it is important to understand the current market trend in order to stay strong in the game. Owing to the introduction of new and robust front-end development technologies, web development is one of the fastest growing fields in the IT sector. The current market is driven by various inbuilt web and mobile development frameworks, user interface libraries, software and other technologies. It offers developers a great opportunity to focus on a range of new possibilities in the web development arena.
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Why is Drupal Better Than WordPress or Joomla?


If you look closely at websites of The Economist, Mint, and Arizona University, you will find one similarity—they are websites made of Drupal, which is an open source software designed for content management system (CMS) framework. Drupal is written in PHP, an open source script code which has zero licensing cost and a favorite among developers for many years. That’s why developing a website using Drupal is cost effective.
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CMS Showdown: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal


Content Management System (CMS) is a web development tool that includes a set of programs used to create and manage digital content. CMS comes handy when you want to build a fully functional website but you do not have the technical expertise to do so on your own. While some CMSes like Magento and Volusion require technical expertise, there are a couple of open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla! that make building a website quick and easy. The question is which CMS to use? In this article, we will compare the three most popular CMSes available today and analyze their capabilities and limitations.
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Trust Dedicated Developers and Benefit From PHP for Your Dynamic Websites

hire dedicated PHP developers 300x171 Trust Dedicated Developers and Benefit From PHP for Your Dynamic WebsitesIt always pays a lot to keep pace with the changing technology. Taking a different route kills prospects particularly at a time where the level of competition is increasingly becoming competitive. The same is true with PHP – a server-side scripting language – as not leveraging it means going out of sync with the users of today and their need to absorb content from the web.

You should understand the utility of your websites to users seeking information and enrichment with a dash of entertainment throw in as well. Static websites won’t enable all this and this is where you need to turn to dynamic ones and in this quest, PHP is your biggest ally, or should be. This, hire dedicated developers only and add value to your web development projects. » Read more

Which Scripting Language is Better, Ruby or Python?


Python and Ruby are two dynamic advanced programming language giving programmers the ability to get things done fast. Both of them focus on simplicity rather than on syntax correctness and strict hierarchy. They are fast, they are powerful and they are loved by programmers. But which is the better of the two?

This is a tough question to answer because the differences between the two languages boil down to a matter of preference. However, you can notice certain features that distinguishes Ruby from Python and vice versa.
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Leverage PHP Programming Language and Move From Static to Dynamic Sites

PHP development services India 300x225 Leverage PHP Programming Language and Move From Static to Dynamic SitesPHP is a popular server-side scripting language used extensively in designing and development of a variety of dynamic websites. Open source and free, developers find it quite easy to work with while businesses see as a wonderful cost-effective technology for their web development purposes.

With the landscape of absorbing content is changing fast, PHP has emerged as a tool to help businesses switch from static to dynamic websites and let users realize their internet goals with ease. With more users going online, the utility of this programming language is set to grow further for its features. » Read more

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