Which Scripting Language is Better, Ruby or Python?


Python and Ruby are two dynamic advanced programming language giving programmers the ability to get things done fast. Both of them focus on simplicity rather than on syntax correctness and strict hierarchy. They are fast, they are powerful and they are loved by programmers. But which is the better of the two?

This is a tough question to answer because the differences between the two languages boil down to a matter of preference. However, you can notice certain features that distinguishes Ruby from Python and vice versa.

Before be begin evaluating the two languages, lest us first dive into the similarities between the two languages:

They are both high-level, object-oriented languages that focuses on simplicity and faster execution.
They both provide an interactive shell, standard libraries, and persistence support.
They are also both ideal for web development; you take advantage of each language’s purpose-built web frameworks – Django for Python and Rails for Ruby.
These scripts do not use verbose code, strict hierarchy, and syntax correctness; instead, they focuses on behind-the-scenes, object-oriented logic.
They’re used by entrepreneurs and start-ups alike to quickly build web apps and prototypes.
They are both interpreted scripting languages and, therefore, do not require a compiler like Scala or C++ does.

Despite their similarity, Ruby on Rails is preferred more as a web development tool than Django-Python. Nonetheless, Python is favored more in the academic and scientific arenas. Now, lets discus the differences between the two languages:

Ruby and Ruby on Rails Frameworks

Runy was created in 1995 by developer ‎Yukihiro Matsumoto! This object-oriented language is inspired by languages like C++, Perl, and Java. It is ideal for collaboration, speed, and businesses that are looking for a fast and never-confusing programming language.

Widely used in web development, functional programming
Ideal for building complex, high-traffic sites and apps up and running in a fast manner
Offers developers freedom and flexibility
It is expressive, elegant, powerful, and efficient.
Some of the apps built on Ruby includes Basecamp, Twitter, Hulu, Airbnb, and Github
Allows loose and creative coding, offers frequent updates, freedom and flexibility, and easy to comprehend

Python and the Django Framework

On the other hand, Python focuses more on efficiency and supporting calculation-intensive applications that are used in the fields of data and science. It’s framework, Django also enables speedy development of sites and apps.

Widely used in academic and scientific programming
Ideal for data-heavy sites; servers with high-traffic volume; ideal for prototypes and data analysis
Easy to learn, conservative, more strict than Ruby
Good code readability, fast, and efficient
Some of the apps built on Python include YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and BitTorrent
Blender 3D, Mercurial, Unity 3D, are some software based on Python

In spite of the never ending argument on which language is better, it is impossible to say which one outshines the other. No matter what the argument is, it all boils down to the fact that Ruby is more preferred by web developers and Python is the undoubted choice for scientific and academic programming.

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