Web Development Technology You Should Know As A Developer To Stay In The Game

Web Development

The field of web develop is versatile and ever changing and it is important to understand the current market trend in order to stay strong in the game. Owing to the introduction of new and robust front-end development technologies, web development is one of the fastest growing fields in the IT sector. The current market is driven by various inbuilt web and mobile development frameworks, user interface libraries, software and other technologies. It offers developers a great opportunity to focus on a range of new possibilities in the web development arena.

Today, the scope for web development in India is huge. There has been an increasing demand for competent web and mobile app developers. Having said that, as a web developer, one must be aware of the latest web development technologies available today in order to stay relevant in the market.

JQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a simple yet fast way to build websites and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. It supports multiple mobile OS like Android and iOS.  The cross platform mobile framework aims at simplifying and enhancing the development of mobile web applications through integration of CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and jQuery UI into one framework. It provides a set of touch-intiuitive UI widgets and an AJAX-powered navigation system that supports animated page transitions.

Angular Js 2

AngularJs is the latest and one of the most powerful web technology which is used by web developers globally. This structural framework for dynamic web apps gives you the ability to use HTML as your template language, enabling you to express your application’s components with precision. Recently, the developers of AngularJs released a new version Angular 2 which is not an upgrade, but a complete rewrite. It is a cross-platform front-end framework which is feature-rich with support for mobile development, easy object orientation and reusable components.

PHP Cake Framework

Cake PHP is a robust, open-source PHP framework that serves as a foundational structure for creating web application in a rapid manner with great flexibility Some of the features that PHP Cake offers include CSRF protection, XSS prevention, form validation, and code generation. With CakePHP, building web applications is simple and fast and requires minimal coding.

Laravel Framework

Laravel is another popular and a powerful open-source PHP framework for web development. A favorite for web artisans, the framework is fairly simple and it allows for expressive syntax. Features of Laravel framework includes an amazing ORM, powerful queue library, effortless routing, and simple authentication, giving you the essential tools for modern and maintainable PHP.

D3JS for Data Visualization

D3JS or D3 is a JavaScript library for developing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. It uses the widely implemented SVG, HTML5, and CSS standards. Presenting complex data through various visual and easily understandable elements, like pie charts, statistical diagrams, and bar charts, has become really convenient with Data Visualization. It also helps discover interesting insights and trends, thereby improving the business decision making process.

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