Advantages Of Having A Mobile-ready Version Website


A decade or so ago, there was only one way to access the web – desktops. In the last six or seven years, the tool and mode of accessing the web have multiplied a great deal bringing with it lots of ease to users. So, it’s now possible to access the web in different ways –

Using desktops (such as PCs, laptops)

Using hand-held devices (such as mobile, smartphones, tablets)

Before 2015, searches and queries form desktops were still ahead of those from other sources. However, this trend could not be continued as desktops had to cede it top position to mobiles and smartphones. This brought to us some new realities –

The penetration of mobile and smartphones is rising at a phenomenal rate

More people now access the web using hand-held devices than they ever did

Smartphones and tablets are now a major cause of driving traffic

Mobile devices are now becoming cheaper and they are going to be responsible for more traffic

Quite clearly, the web industry is clearly going through a big change driven on the back of mobile and smartphones. This is where businesses need to step up and seize the moment.

Here are advantages of going with responsive or mobile-ready version of website –

Users now want to access a website that gives them a uniform look and consistent appearance irrespective of the kind of device they use

Responsive design is important these days as it saves a lot of cost and inconveniences in building device-specific website

With such a design, it becomes easy to win the trust of new-age users and get their attention

You need websites that are able to adapt its layouts according to the widths of devices it’s opened on

Having adjustable layouts and scalable images are important to keep the website relevant for different devices

However, having a mobile-ready website is a task that will need you to hire the best web development company India . After all, novices don’t know what it takes to enrich your website with mobile-friendly features. Because –

Responsive design much more than the layout, colour and theme

Such a design can best be implemented by experts only

Experts are aware of the latest trends in the web technology and they know how to enrich your website

In a nutshell, it always pays a whole lot more when an experienced company is trusted for your mobile-friendly website.

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