Why is Drupal Better Than WordPress or Joomla?


If you look closely at websites of The Economist, Mint, and Arizona University, you will find one similarity—they are websites made of Drupal, which is an open source software designed for content management system (CMS) framework. Drupal is written in PHP, an open source script code which has zero licensing cost and a favorite among developers for many years. That’s why developing a website using Drupal is cost effective.
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Why To Trust Drupal Development?


A good website is one that is loaded with features and which is made using a powerful platform. Drupal is an open source CMS platform that is trusted by businesses for their websites of varied types. Be it personal websites, custom solutions, portals or layered website – all this now possible when Drupal platform is used.

Alongside choosing the right platform, it’s also important to select the experts who know how to leverage these platforms fully well. This is the only way in which your web development can deliver desired results and your websites will get enriched with desired features to grow and expand its base with effortless ease.

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Benefits Of Using Drupal For Your Website Development

Drupal development India

Every business looks to build a robust web presence and reap rich rewards. The task is easier said than done as it involves sustained efforts, and a high-quality website. Such a website is not possible unless a right platform is selected.

You will need a scalable, flexible and feature-rich content management system to realize those goals set for the business. There are many popular CMSs in the market but you should trust only Drupal as it bring a wide range of benefits.

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Why Drupal Cms Is A Great Option For Your Next Website?

Drupal Development India

We know how businesses will need a high-quality and feature-rich website to realize their true potential on the internet. We also know how only choosing the right CMS can help businesses get designed the right kind of website. It’s therefore important to analyse all the options available around and choose the one that suits business requirements perfectly.
Before selecting a CMS, it makes a great sense to analyse its features and functionalities. It’s important to know how the framework can give your business a competitive edge. It also matters whether the content management system is SEO-friendly or not, and whether it is trusted by some foremost brands in the world or not. » Read more