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    To download videos on your Android phone does not seem to be a huge task any more. On the web there are many video downloading apps that are present as you can go on to choose any one as per your needs. The video would be downloaded on to your mobile phone in just a ...
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    Games are always elevating, uplifting and enjoyable. Do you want that your child should learn with the games he or she plays? There are so many options in games these days in android that you would never find a problem. Android has truly opened up its gates for fun and enjoyment of kids. Your child ...
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    In a study, it is scientifically proven that music helps to reduce stress, increase focus and makes us feel better. According to Nikola Tesla everything is energy,frequency and vibration. Everything we see and hear has its own frequency and vibration. The human body also has a certain frequency and vibration which is emitted by our ...
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    Machine Learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that allows machines or more specifically, computers to acquire intelligence at par with humans that makes them learn and act without being directly controlled or supervised. Such innovative technology has opened a new world where the machines can imitate human beings by learning from experience (data). Why ...
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    Having only the baseline knowledge and skills in Excel is no longer sufficient enough if you are looking to grow into a successful business analyst. In a world dominated by data science and data visualization techniques, learning advanced excel skills could help analyst crunch hard numbers and data faster, eventually leading you to drive the ...
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    Since the year of establishment of WordPress in 2013, it has been offering a broad platform for a large mass of the community. WordPress is recognized to provide a platform to blog, sharing media, mailing, and online stores as well. It is an open source content management system that is used by more than 60 ...
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