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  • AI Certification

    Having only the baseline knowledge and skills in Excel is no longer sufficient enough if you are looking to grow into a successful business analyst. In a world dominated by data science and data visualization techniques, learning advanced excel skills could help analyst crunch hard numbers and data faster, eventually leading you to drive the ...
  • wordpress

    Since the year of establishment of WordPress in 2013, it has been offering a broad platform for a large mass of the community. WordPress is recognized to provide a platform to blog, sharing media, mailing, and online stores as well. It is an open source content management system that is used by more than 60 ...
  • Tips For jQuery With WordPress

    A large number of people are looking to hire WordPress developer as the CMS is one of the most easy to use platforms available for web development which can be employed for the creation of all types of interfaces. jQuery, on the other hand is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries which has ...
  • Zend Framework

    The web world is becoming populated with a lot of technological tools, advancements, and features. And running a business in this highly evolving world demands you to adapt to the technological evolution process and Zend framework is one such web development platform that has been widely used by developers. The below mentioned are a few ...
  • 1160

    Whether it’s a mega business firm or startup entire the smart businesses who want to get a step ahead of all of its competitors are bound with their own mobile applications. There are numerous reasons you should invest in developing a mobile app. We all are living in an era of digitization where apps can ...
  • 4547

    Mobile commerce is the use of mobile applications in the commercial world. It makes purchases good and services more comfortable regardless of the geographical locations. The mobile transactions could be either web-based or courier charged. In general, we can say that M-Commerce is the use of mobile phones to transact, inform, entertain or communicate by ...
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